Tuesday, August 10, 2010


     I recently reread Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy and was just as blown away as I was the first time I read it.

     Few authors impress me as much as Sanderson does. His stories have heart and humanity, and are engagingly written with astounding creative plot twists and turns.

     Here's the premise of Mistborn:

     The tyrannical Lord Ruler has been God/King of the world since he defeated the mythical Deepness a thousand years ago. When he Ascended to his powers, he changed the world. The sun turned red, ash started to continuously fall from the sky, and night mists became a powerful, threatening presence.

     The former thief lord Kelsier conceives a plan to overthrow the immortal Lord Ruler, and enlists a team of Allomancers to assist him. Allomancers have the power to burn metal in their bodies for specific powers: for example, pewter for strength, zinc to enflame others' emotions, and iron to pull on nearby metals.

    Kelsier's youngest and only female recruit, Vin, quickly becomes the heart of the story. A child of the streets, at sixteen Vin has been abandoned by father, mother, and brother, and knows not trust nor love. Her latent Allomantic powers catch Kelsier's attention and in grooming her to be a powerful Allomancer and contributor to the team, he also gives her a family and a home that she can trust for the first time.

     The magics of the Mistborn world unfold through Sanderson's words like the best fantasy action movie you've never seen. The characters feel refreshingly alive and whole, unlike so many hack fantasy novel stereotypes. Perhaps the most fun part about reading this trilogy is rereading it and realizing how many hints Sanderson dropped that you missed on the first couple of readings. His crafty, clever style can only be truly appreciated upon repeated immersions in the world of Mistborn.

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